Certificate of Award to Robert B. Snowden

This recognition of service to agriculture in the Mid-South is made by Memphis Agricultural Club to:

Robert B. Snowden

For an outstanding individual contribution during the year 1953 toward the reclamation of eroded lands and the prevention of sedimentation of the streams in the Wolf River Watershed

Rarely does a man catch the vision of the need of soil conservation and soil building when working virgin soil but the recipient of The Memphis Agricultural Club 1953 Certificate of Award has done just that. Immediately following the close of World War One Robert B. Snowden, a young lieutenant, took his bride into the virgin woods on Horseshoe Lake and began to carve out a plantation. In the early twenties Mr. Snowden realized that a soil building program was necessary if his rich acres were to maintain their original fertility. He promptly started the use of cover crops long before the government advocated soil building on a national basis.

In addition to maintaining an excellent example of land management, Mr. Snowden found time to volunteer for duty in World War Two and achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. He has been accorded to honor of King of The Memphis Cotton Carnival, President of The Memphis Chapter of The Friends of The Land and he has been active in the YMCA, Crittenden Hospital, and numerous civic and welfare organizations.

In April of this year, The Wolf River Watershed Association was formed and Mr. Snowden accepted the presidency. He immediately gave unstintingly of his energy, ability, and money to the reclaiming of the vast eroded areas in this watershed and the freeing of the waters of Wolf River from pollution and the making of this stream suitable for recreational purposes. Under Mr. Snowden’s able leadership and his eagerness to go beyond the call of duty, this project, in just a few months, has advanced so rapidly that it is receiving national recognition.