Choosing a Historic Venue for a Wedding

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

Every bride, whether she admits it or not, has at one time heard this rhyme ringing in the back of her mind when planning her wedding. One way to pay homage to the tradition is to honor the “something old” aspect of the verse by holding the ceremony or reception at a historic venue. The Memphis area is steeped in history and boasts a number of landmark buildings that provide a beautiful backdrop when you tie the knot.

Whether a city home or plantation, antebellum mansion or quaint cottage, holding your event in a historic environment lends an air of classic style that is missing in a modern hotel ballroom or country club dining room. If the feel you wish your guests to experience is old-school elegance, then booking a historic property may be the right direction for your wedding. Take a step back in time, all while enjoying the amenities of modern living: dressing rooms, gourmet kitchens and modern bathrooms, swimming pools, and more.

Consider, too, the photo opportunities these picturesque properties can offer, with the natural beauty of sweeping lawns, canopies of established trees and lush gardens outdoors, as well as the ambiance created by the vintage decor indoors. Columned porches, grand staircases, fountains — the possibilities for capturing the memories of the day are numerous.

If you have an appreciation of history, architecture and antiques, you would do well to explore your city and surrounding area to discover the gems that just might provide the setting that establishes the tone for your whole affair.

Snowden House in Eastern Arkansas is one of these gems. Located on the banks of Horseshoe Lake, the idyllic setting of this historic home has been the picture-perfect backdrop for many weddings over the generations. Lovingly restored to include all the modern amenities we are accustomed to enjoying while retaining the home’s integrity, Snowden House offers the character and elegance of a riverfront plantation, the perfect setting for creating memories on your special day.