Corporate Retreats/Events

Successful business leaders know the value of recharging the batteries of their hard-working staff beyond the confines of the office environment. Company retreats are opportunities to get the old creative juices flowing, free from everyday distractions, and can be game-changers for team dynamics. In a setting that is relaxing and inviting, groups may discover new ways of exploiting synergies while experiencing a memorable work/play experience.

Venues for corporate retreats can range from resorts to local conference centers, from public libraries to bank board rooms. Company size and budget will dictate the locale, but regardless of scale, the common denominator is this: a change of scenery. It is well known that work sessions away from the stresses and interruptions inherently associated with the normal workplace — from ringing phones to answering the needs of ancillary staff — are extremely productive when effectively executed. Intense periods of focused work balanced by periods of relaxation and fun can yield success, particularly when held in an environment conducive to creative thinking.

When selecting a venue to host your retreat or other corporate event, keep a few things in mind:

  • Is the location such that it is easily accessible, either by car or public transportation, or close to an airport? A convenient location will improve attendance.
  • Does the venue have sufficient space for accommodating meetings/seminars for the number of participants expected to attend?
  • Is there space meant for social interaction and networking, other than meeting rooms?
  • What are your food and beverage choices? Does the venue house a restaurant and staff, or will caterers be brought in?

Snowden House, an historic home located on Horseshoe Lake in Eastern Arkansas, is one of the area’s premier event venues. From dinner and cocktail parties to corporate events and retreats, the Louisiana plantation-style home is perfect for playing host to your special event. The fresh air, beautiful atmosphere and rural-yet-convenient setting are sure to inspire your team members — our guests — and send them home refreshed and recharged.