Saturday Evening Post

Mother’s Day – May 9, 1943

My son:

I think of you today…on this day that the world calls mine. There are thoughts I have for you, that can never be fully spoken…because they are thoughts…not words.

This year…I shall not look into your eyes nor see the love and worship there…as I have done in other years. But in my heart I have —– to be as strong and brave as you.

—–our task today, my son. You and I. —–great that none can know or see its —–is ours to do.

—– fight…and give your life per—— highest cause of man…the —–peoples of the world.

Mine…to give to you in every word and thought and deed…the courage and comfort to help you through. And most of all…assurance of my constant faith in you.

As this day comes this year…I shall contemplate the honor that has come to me through you. The pride I have in your high purpose and achievement.

I shall plan for your return…to the better world of your own making. And if, perhaps, you should not share this freedom you so fully earn…I shall know that we have sacrificed together…remembering that our lives can only be justified by the measure of our sacrifice.

Be grateful with me, my son, for the land and principles for which you fight. And know that in the end, because of you, the world will live in peace and freedom. Be faithful to your country…I would have it no other way.

(Tribute from Sara Day Snowden – Mrs. Brinkley Snowden – to her son, Robert B. Snowden, Jr.; “—-“ denote missing pieces of article)

On Mother’s Day in 1948, Robert B. Snowden, Jr., made a “most generous contribution” to the Young Men’s Christian Association to be used in their new building program. This contribution was made by “Bob” (RBS is a “wonderful friend to the YMCA and has served zealously as a member of the Board of Directors for a number of years”) as a Living Memorial to his mother, Mrs. R. Brinkley Snowden:


In deep appreciation of her love and affection for her family – her abiding spirit of cheerfulness and encouragement – her continuing strong and healthy life of leadership — her full measure of lasting good works – and her every-day living of a perfect Christian life.

Robert B. Snowden
May 10, 1948