Unusual Sports Hold Interest of Society Members During Summer Season

The Commercial Appeal
August 8, 1937

Unusual Sports Hold Interest of Society Members During Summer Season

Horseshoe is Favorite Site

Many Memphians Own Summer Homes at Resort

(Insert in photo: “Gone With the ?”, the Robert Snowdens’ sailboat, not only makes a beautiful picture against the background of the Snowden home at Horseshoe Lake, but is a continual source of pleasure for the Snowdens’ guests. Seated at the tiller of the boat is Sarah Lowrance, while Mary Heath Butler scans the horizon to see that the coast is clear as they start for a sail.)

Hanging over many a door is a rusty horseshoe, symbol of good luck. Strangely enough this symbol had nothing to do with the naming of Horseshoe Lake, which has been synonymous with good luck to Memphis sportsmen for many years.
Stretching more than 10 miles in length, the lake is approximately a mile wide in the shape of a horseshoe from which it derived its name.
Along its shady banks attractive clubhouses and private cottages have been built where Memphians enjoy week-end trips and Summer outings.
From these Summer homes one can look out over the expansive lake and see sail boats gracefully tilted in the Summer breeze and motor boats from which fishermen troll for silver-scaled crappie and black bass.
Bordering the lake is Horseshoe Plantation, year-round home of R. B. Snowden Jr. and his family. Friends of the Snowdens are always delighted with an invitation to the happy, informal home noted for its hospitality and entertainment.
Swimming, sailing, fishing, and hunting are just a few of the interesting activities in which the Snowdens participate. Added quite recently was fencing.

Fencing is Popular

Mrs. Snowden and her daughters, Sara Day Snowden and Edith Snowden, are enthusiastic about learning the art of fencing from Professor Tata, champion fencer of the United States and Canada, who recently became manager of the Horseshoe Yacht Club, of which Mr. Snowden is a former admiral.
Several times a week the professor instructs a group of Memphis ladies on the lawn of the club in fencing. He has won titles throughout the United States and was instructor of Douglas Fairbanks, whom he describes as an excellent swordsman.
The Yacht Club, organized about a year ago, has a membership of 50 with Elmer Ries as admiral and Ed Slater as commodore. The club has a large building with interior carried out in a ship motif with furniture, bunks and decorative effects all nautical.

(Caption for photo on right: “On guard” calls Sara Day Snowden (left) to her sisiter Edith Snowden as they step into position for their fencing lesson from Profesor Tata in front of the Horseshoe Yacht Club. The girls are fast becoming expert fencers.)